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Auction Details

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Under instructions from RMT Accountants liquidators of Metro Valley Rewinds Ltd: New Electric Motors, Copper Wire, Winding Machines, Machine Tools.


The Auction Houses, Station Rd, Stokesley, Middlesbrough, TS9 7AB.

Date / Time

Thursday 2nd August 2018, 10:30

Viewing Information

Wednesday 1 August 2018 12 noon to 4pm and morning of sale from 9am.

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Will Offer for by Public Auction at The Auction Houses, Station Road, Stokesley, TS9 7AB under Instructions from RMT Accountants Liquidator of Metro Valley Rewinds Limited. 






to Commence 10:30am

Viewing on Wednesday 1stAugust 2018 from 12:00noon to 4:00pm

and Morning of from 9:00am


Copper Wire:  74 Spools of Copper Wire including 4.5mm, 0.3mm, 0.9mm, 0.25mm, 1.7mm, 0.5mm, 1.25mm, 1.18mm, 1mm, 1.18mm, 0.425mm, 0.530mm, etc.


Instruments & Test Equipment:  Thurlby & Thandar Sweep Function Generator, Thurlby & Thandar Function Generator, TTI 40000 Count Digital Multimeter, 2 Kenwood VT121 Vault Meters, Farnell Vault Meter, Iwatsu 5702 Oscilloscope, 2 Hame HM203 Oscilloscopes, Nicolet 3091 Oscilloscope, Teco Speecon 7200MA Drive Indicator, Model 200m Vibration Meter, Laser Beam Revolution Counter, Digital Softstart, Oxford 24inch Vernier, Thickness Gauges, Dial Gauges.


Bearings:  50 New SKF Barings from 3inch down to 1inch Diameter, 50 New Fag Barings from 3inch down to 1inch Diameter.


Drive Belts: Over 500 Toothed and Untoothed Various Size Drive Belts including GoodYear, Power Trans, etc.


Tools:  Lin Bins, Various Fixings, Lifting Eyes, Poliangolar Polikey Groover, SKF Belt Alignment Tool, Socket Sets, Hand Tools, 2x 4ft Square Metal Work Benches, 1x 8ft Metal Work Bench, Vices, Drill Vices, Workshop Square Trolleys, Oxyacetylene Set, 2 Metal Racks complete with Metal Storage Bins, Clarke Strongarm 2-Tonne Capacity Engine Hoist, Clarke Strongarm 1-Tonne Capacity Engine Hoist, Cable Operated Vertical Lift, Clarke Strongarm Rising Table, Ehrle Oil Fired Pressure Washer, Transarc 330 Stick Welder, Hydraulic Porta Power with Quantity of Various Sized Jacks & Pullers. 


New Electric Motors:  60 Motors from 0.55kw up to 15kw including Flame Proof, Bartek, Brook, Amtecs, Cemp. 


Machine Tools & Larger Tools:  Compac Hydraulic Vertical Press, Colchester Gap Bed Centre Lathe complete with 3-Jaw Chuck, Bed Size 40inch, Travelling Tool Post and Tailstock, Harrison 12inch Swing Gap Bed Centre Lathe, Approx. 30inch Bed with Tool Post and Tailstock,  Adcock & Shipley 2S Horizontal Milling Machine complete with and Fitted with Adcock & Shipley Vertical Milling Head, Sony LH Digital Read-out, 1939 Monarch Winding Machine, BLN Hand Operated Vertical Press, Progress No. 2GS Vertical Pillar Drill, Floor Standing Cable Winder with Rotating Clicker.


Compressors:  Ecoair Rotary Screw Compressor, 2 Clark Twin Piston Workshop Compressors.


Auction Pictures